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katherine bryant. BEHIND THE ART

...lives the artist. I hope you enjoy visiting my page. I have been wanting to display my art online, and I thought why not now? In my 30s, recently married, and living in a new city. Now is the perfect time. I have been creating art since I was 6 years old, but I have not taken myself very seriously as an artist until the last couple of months. I have organized my portifolio into three categories: UNVEIL, INTRIGUING PLACES, CAPTUREAND ENCHANTED. UNVEIL is where I place my more abstract and message oriented works. INTRIGUING PLACES is where landscapes  are located. I also have CAPTURE where I feature pet portraits. ENCHANTED exibits illustrations with an imaginative enchanted forest and fairies. I am also chronicling my new artistic journey in my artBLOG. If you would like to ask me questions, I have a way to CONTACT me via email. Thanks for taking the time to read about me, and I hope you enjoy the website.

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