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  • Katherine Bryant

Juried art show submissions

I just submitted my first two pieces to a juried art show here in Wilmington, which is put on by the Wilmington Art Association. I will not find out until March 22nd if any of my work is chosen to be in the show. These next three weeks are going to feel like ages!

There are a lot contests, shows, and festivals to enter, and to be honest, I was overwhelmed with options, but I chose a local event that has been going on for at least ten years. The Wilmington Art Association's Spring Art Show is now its 34th year, so I felt comfortalble with participating in an event that had a very established local history. The entry fee for two submissions is $35 for members and $45 for non-members, which I feel is reasonable.

I decided to paint landsapes but in different styles. The landscape on the top left is "Fantastical Sailing" and the one on the right is "A Saturday Afternoon on the Cape Fear River". I have never been to any shows for the Wilmington Art Association, so I am not sure if they choose impressionistic to realistic types of work, OR if they search for a cubist approach to landscapes seen in "Fantastical Sailing". Either way, I created and submitted both, so my bases would be covered and to optimize my chances of at least one piece making it to the show.

If I get in or not, I was able to acheive the goal of submitting work to an art show, which has proven to be an invaluable and very enjoyable experience. Cheers to the $35 risk! Let's keep our fingers crossed that one of my pieces is selected for the the show.

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