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  • Katherine Bryant

Starting something new

Hello! I'm Katherine Bryant, and I am starting something new solely for the purpose of creating and exploring art for myself. I have not dedicated a lot of time to honing my art skills since before I left college, so I am feeling a little bit rusty and nervous about this endeavor. I will be 30 years old soon, so I thought that along with earning another decade under my belt should be allocating time to something I have been passionate about since I was 6 years old. There is always something in life that comes up for which you think should take priority over what you want to do, but at this point I am saying, "No! Art takes priority." I have never blogged before and feel a little bit cheesy writing my thoughts down, but i want to chronicle my journey to hopefully provide encouragement for others and offer practical tips from what I learn through my experience. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, and I hope you find it useful or at least


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