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  • Katherine Bryant

Perusing my portfolio

I want to upload some of my previous artworks.These are from high school, college, and a couple from this last year. With this post, i am hoping to establish what my baseline skill level is, and from there, see how i improve or how my style evolves.


This a painting of my dog, penny, she is a 9 week old puppy here. This is my most recent work. I did this painting approximately 1 year ago...2014. My goal is to couple this piece with her as an adult using the same color pallet.

medium: acrylic on canvas

size: 16" X 20"


This piece was created in college for an art class assignment sometime in 2008. We had to draw two objects that were not alike and try to combine them. my objects were: a dog stuffed animal and a calculator while using different drawing techniques.

medium: charcoal on drawing paper

size: 22" X 30"


For this drawing, we were practicing our technique in college art class, 2008.

medium: charcoal on sketch paper

size: 18" X 22"


This work was completed the summer after I graduated high school, 2004. There is no back story behind this one, other than, just wanting to paint something pretty and peaceful. Tea anyone?

medium: watercolor on water color paper

size: 11" X 15"


For this piece, I was inspired by my youngest nephew. I drew this when i was a sophomore in high school, which would date this one in 2002.

medium: pencil on sketch paper

size: 12" X 12"

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