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  • Katherine Bryant

Completed my personal pet portrait montage

My pet portrait montage is finally complete and looks amazing in my living room if I do say myself! I love using bright colors to make these portraits pop on the walls, and of course, match my home décor. I started to do pet portraits as a gift to my boyfriend (now my husband) when I was in pharmacy residency, and I loved the concept of using unnatural colors. I can also produce portraits with more realistic colors for a traditional portrait. I really enjoy giving these works as Christmas or birthday gifts, and all my animal loving family members love receiving them. From these experiences, I realized maybe I could offer my services to other people who had animal loving family and friends but lacked the talent, time, or know-how to create portraits. I opened an Etsy shop with this in mind and currently offer customizable pet portraits through kbryantART on Etsy. If you feel inspired to open a shop, go for it! This platform is so easy to use and artisan friendly, especially for those just starting out, like me. Below, my models, Penny and Lola, are showcasing the wall art behind them.

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