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  • Katherine Bryant

New Painting

Currently, I have been working on a long-term work-in-progress piece, which should not have taken me as long to complete had I not been going through my first trimester of pregnancy. Now, that I have entered into my second trimester, I feel like a myself again and ready to create art!

Pictured is the finished product of my brother’s graduation gift, or now, welcome home present. He has waited patiently for this gift, and I hope I didn’t disappoint him. Initially, this piece was going to be a "city-scape", but I morphed it into a French Bulldog painting, which is my little brother’s favorite dog breed.

Also, I took some risks with color, and I am glad I did! At first, I thought the painting the car windshield at sunset would be painstaking process, but it was fun. First, I loosely painted what was behind the windshield. Then, I blurred it a little with a damp large flat paint brush. Once everything was dry, I mixed different colors of the sunset and a medium blue-grey that I thinned out with water. Lastly, I used a medium flat paint brush to apply the windshield reflection colors on top. I tried to loosely mimic the gradation of a sunset. Personally, I think the colors are intriguing and eye-catching.

I hope you enjoy seeing this work as much as enjoyed creating it!

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