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  • Katherine Bryant

Art install at VCA Wrightsville Beach Animal Hospital

The art install at the VCA Wrightsville Beach Animal Hospital went very well! I have very special thanks to my husband, Jason, for all of his assistance. It is a great thing to have a partner that enjoys helping you explore your passion. If you are lucky enough to have a person in your life like that, don't let them go!

The four portraits I hung at our local vet's office were two portraits of dogs (Luca and Oliver) and two portraits of cats (Milo and an unnamed neighborhood calico). None of the pooches or felines pictured are my personal pets, but these are pets that I come in contact with on a semi-frequent basis. The one thing they all have in common: they are just too CUTE!

If you are interested in commissioning a pet portrait, please contact me! Also, my email is In addition to pet portraits, I am also extremely interested in painting abstract works and landscapes. I hope to post more of my abstract and landscape pieces in the future.

I appreciate you reading my blog! I hope you found something entertaining, engaging, or enlightening from reading and perusing my blog and website.

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